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My home is such a mess that I would be embarrassed to show you around.


Don't be embarrassed. We are here to help you, not judge you. The hardest part will be picking up the phone and making that first step towards a more organised home.


Why do I need a professional organiser? Shouldn’t I do it myself?


You can do it yourself, but when learning any new skill, everyone benefits from time spent with an advisor. It makes the job easier, faster and more efficient. And, because the time is scheduled in your diary, there's less chance that it will slide to the bottom of your priorities.


What do you need from me?


An open mind, uninterrupted time to work together and the desire to maintain the systems we help you set up. By working together to organise your space, we'll create a system that specifically meets your needs. This will also help you keep on top of things, since it will fit in with your daily routines and habits. We can work out a manageable plan for other rooms you are concerned about that we feel confident you can accomplish with or without our help.


What do you charge for your services? Am I getting value for money?


We have found that the most efficient way to carry out a project is if we work as a pair.  When consulting on smaller projects it may be sufficient for just one of us to carry out the work. We charge SEK 760 ex VAT per consultant per hour. Evenings and weekends are charged at an additional SEK 200 ex VAT above the standard hourly rate.  


We will provide estimates for all projects.


Our aim is to free up time and space, energy and to save or make money by de-cluttering your home and storage spaces. After a de-cluttering session, you'll spend less of your valuable time searching for things you have lost, less energy cleaning and tidying around your clutter and less money renting storage and buying things you already have. You may even find things you can sell. Ultimately, the benefits of being organised, feeling less stressed and being in control of your environment again are priceless.


How do you ensure confidentiality?


Some people are quite happy to tell friends and family about their de-cluttering projects, especially afterwards because they feel so uplifted and proud of their home. Others prefer to keep things private. Simply Organised provides a completely private and confidential service. There are no advertising logos on cars and we will never discuss clients with a third party unless agreed. Occasionally, we will ask if we can take before and after photographs but this is entirely your choice.


How long does it take?


Smaller de-cluttering sessions normally take around five to six hours, as it can be a physically and emotionally difficult task. However, there is no set time on how long a particular project will take. It all depends on how much needs to be done and also how quickly you can make a decision. We will keep you focused on the task in hand and help you to prioritise. 


Do you clean?


We offer light cleaning where it will assist in the de-cluttering process. For example, we will clean shelves, under cupboards and vacuum but we don't offer a full cleaning service. If this is required we can make suggestions about what companies you could use.


How do you know where to start?


The best place to start organising is the area that is bothering you the most. Once that area has been tackled you will feel a sense of accomplishment and relief that will inspire you to continue being organised and tackle other areas.


Will you make me get rid of all my things?


The simple answer to this question is no. This is a huge fear for many people hiring a professional organiser. Things that are necessary or important to you will be incorporated into the organising plan, not removed just to provide a better "look." The goal is to make your life run more smoothly by creating an organisational system that fits around your life, not by making your life adapt to a pre-determined system.


What types of people hire a professional organiser?


Men, women, people working full time or part time, people with a disability, stay at home parents, retirees; there is no one type of person who is disorganised. It can happen to any of us. Quite often it is a significant life change that prompts a call. Moving home, having a baby, divorce, downsizing, losing a parent - these are all things that can leave us overwhelmed by our belongings. Working with a professional organiser is good for anyone who needs to regain a semblance of order in his or her busy life. If you just don't have the time or you can't get it scheduled, having someone to come in and help you with it means you'll get it done.


Should I buy new storage?


It depends on what you have already. Many people tend to have bought storage in the past to help them with their clutter but have just not managed to use it effectively. If you haven't and something is needed, we can help with suggestions as to what will be of most use to you.


What will happen to anything I no longer need?


Any items that you choose to get rid of will be recycled wherever possible using local charity shops, your local recycling centre etc. You may have things you can sell at auction or elsewhere and we can arrange for quotes and advise you how to do this yourself or recommend someone who will do that for you.


How will I keep the clutter at bay?


We hope that you will feel inspired and motivated to maintain the organisational systems we have put into place during our time together but sometimes life just gets in the way! We can offer a maintenance package to keep you in control. We can arrange regular visits, which will help you stay organised or relieve the stress of things piling up when unexpected life occurrences happen. Part of being organised is realising when to take action to get things back in the order that makes sense to you. Remember, being organised is not being perfect. It is being in control of your home so you can find what you want, when you want.




Simply Organised AB   Box 24163   104 51 Stockholm 556950-4128

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