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Do piles of paper, disorganisation, information mismanagement and stress take over your workplace while efficiency and effectiveness vanish? Research shows that there is a direct link between productivity and clutter. In simple terms, productivity and profits decline where there is clutter and chaos.


According to the National Association of Professional Organization, paper clutter is the number one problem for most businesses. Studies show that employees waste valuable hours searching through papers and files adding stress and frustration and lack of continuity to the workplace while reducing concentration and creative thinking. Small businesses, where employees typically have several roles, are particularly vulnerable to physical and electronic clutter and can find themselves unable to properly service customers, increase sales and improve the bottom line because of mishandled paperwork and information.  


Image is also key. Chaos in the office can send negative messages to clients on key issues such as professionalism, efficiency and reliability.


Whether you are working in a large business or a one person office, there are several benefits to de-cluttering and organising your place of work: 


  • Increase in productivity and profitability

  • Increase in efficiency

  • Better structures for maintenance of confidential information

  • Reduction in stress

  • Improvement in corporate image

  • Overall improvement in employee satisfation


We at Simply Organised can assess the needs of our clients and devise an appropriate information management system which covers all sources of information from paperwork, post and emails to text messages etc.  We can provide storage and filing solutions and help individual employees with routines that work for them. 


No-one is going to find time to become more organised. You need to make the time.





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