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Creating a company that understands the anxiety and stress people feel when they simply do not have the time to get things organised is what we have set out to do. Our ambition is to offer our clients professional, efficient and empathetic assistance to free them of their clutter, give them peace of mind as well as time and space in their own homes and at work.


Martina Palme

I have enjoyed creating order and harmony around me for as long as I can remember. I strongly believe that manageing your spaces and creating simple and workable systems will benefit all aspects of your daily life.  This certainly has proved true for me both professionally and privately. I have spent the better part if my professional life in the jewellery business and from 1997 to 2013 I was responsible for the auction department of court jeweller WA Bolin. From 2004, I also ran my own business working as an organisation consultant which, in turn, led to the founding of Simply Organised AB together with Isabelle.


Mobile:  +46 70 563 99 90


Isabelle Mörling

I am Isabelle Mörling; lawyer, wife, mother of two and co-founder of Simply Organised AB. I have had a number of roles in my working life from Corporate Solicitor in London to Customer Relations Manager for Aston Martin Stockholm. What all of these roles required was an abundance of organisational skills and an ability to communicate and establish a good rapport with people. My hope is that I can use these skills to give our clients structure, time and peace of mind in their everyday lives.




Mobile:  +46 73 382 59 77




Simply Organised AB   Box 24163   104 51 Stockholm 556950-4128

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